Photo & Document Restoration

Cerebral Genealogy specializes in photo, slide, negative, and document restoration through digital scanning and imaging software.

Damaged, faded, or stained, all material receives special care and detailed attention.

Photo, Slide, Negative, and Document Restoration Projects Include:*
• High Resolution Scanning of Originals or High Quality Hard Copies**
• Tone, Contrast, and Color Correction
• Digital “Mending” of Rips, Tears, and Holes
• General Clean-Up to Remove Surface Scratches and Imperfections
• Retouching of Digital Files (when requested)
• High Quality Resolution Image Files and Albums (suitable for printing)

Cerebral Genealogy provides restored digital image files and albums via electronic sharing platforms, such as Google Drive or Drop Box. Files and albums can also be placed on disc, memory stick, or external hard drive upon request.

* Photo, slide, and document restoration projects are commissioned and billed hourly. A retainer payment is required prior to beginning work. All associated costs (i.e. postage, disc/memory stick/external hard drive purchase, etc.) are itemized and billed separately.

** Original photos, slides, negatives, and/or documents, or high quality hard copies of photos and/or documents, are required for this service, and the purchase of insurance is highly recommended when shipping. The greatest care and handling is given to all material during examination and scanning, and in return shipping with insurance.

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