Genealogy Research

Cerebral Genealogy specializes in genealogy research of immigrant families of both Western and Eastern European origin, as well as England, Scotland, Ireland, and Wales, who settled in the State of Wisconsin and the larger Great Lakes Region, including Eastern and Central Canada.

We also welcome the opportunity to research families of all backgrounds—including African, Latino, Asian, Arab, Jewish, and Native American families—of geographic areas across the United States.*

Cerebral Genealogy tracks, traces, and documents the lives of family ancestors through specifically tailored and targeted online research, evidence collection and correlation, in-depth analysis, and on-site repository research when requested and feasible.

Genealogy Research Projects Include:**
• Review and Analysis of Previous Research (if any)
• Precise Research Plan
• Targeted Online Research
• On-Site Repository Research (when requested and feasible)
• Family Member Interviews (when requested and feasible)
• Itemized Research Findings
• In-Depth Evidence Analysis with Historical Context
• Full Citation of Sources
• Transcriptions of Documents (when necessary and/or requested)
• Document Images (if available and unrestricted by the repository)
• Recommendations for Further Research

All research projects submitted to Cerebral Genealogy are given full and thoughtful consideration.

* If we believe that your research project requires specialization outside our expertise, we are happy to provide recommendations.

** Genealogy research projects are commissioned and billed hourly, beginning at a minimum of ten (10) hours. A retainer payment is required prior to beginning work. All associated costs (i.e. postage, photocopying, travel expenses, etc.) are itemized and billed separately.

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