Family History Narratives

Cerebral Genealogy produces family history narratives that speak directly and poignantly of the individual and communal lives of family ancestors.

Based on a foundation of research evidence and in-depth analysis, each narrative is framed within accurate historical context, providing a detailed and intimate story worth reading and sharing.

Family History Narrative Projects Include:*
• Review and Analysis of Previous Genealogy Research**
• Historical Research
• Family Member Interviews and Accounts (if requested and feasible)
• On-Site Repository Research (when requested and feasible)
• Full Citation of Sources
• Transcriptions of Documents (if requested)
• Document Scanning & Restoration (if requested and unrestricted by the repository)
• Photo Scanning & Restoration (if requested and unrestricted by the repository)
• Photo Identification (if requested)
• Writing, Editing, and Proofreading
• Final Version High Quality PDF Document

Family history narratives produced by Cerebral Genealogy are intended for private consumption and distribution. If you are interested in publishing the narrative for public consumption and distribution, we are happy to discuss that option with you.

* Family history narrative projects are commissioned and billed at a flat rate. An estimate of the total cost will be provided after the initial review and analysis of the research provided is complete. A retainer payment is required prior to beginning work. All associated costs (i.e. postage, photocopying, travel expenses, etc.) are itemized and billed separately.

** If, after reviewing and analyzing the genealogy research provided, we believe that verification and/or correlation through additional research is recommended, we will contact you immediately to discuss our recommendations.

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