Photo Identification

Through detailed examination and analysis of original photos, slides, and negatives, Cerebral Genealogy can help identify the origins, locations, and dates of images held in family photo collections, assisting in the effort of ancestor identification and adding depth to any genealogy project.*

Basic Photo Identification Projects Include:**
• Identification of Original Photo Type (daguerreotype, ambrotype, tintype, paper, etc.)
• High Quality Scanning of Originals for Detailed Analysis
• Identification of and Research on Photographer and/or Studio (if apparent)
• Identification of Location (urban, rural, and/or exact location if determined during analysis)
• Analysis and Dating of Clothing and Hairstyles
• Analysis and Dating of Sets, Props and Other Objects
• Full Citation of Sources
• Recommendations for Further Research

Premium Photo Identification Projects Include:**
• All Basic Services Above
• Review and Analysis of Photos Already Identified
• Review and Analysis of Previous Genealogy Research
• Family Member Interviews (if requested and feasible)
• Subject Identification (if achieved)

* Original photos, slides, and/or negatives are required for this service, and the purchase of insurance is highly recommended when shipping. The greatest care and handling is given to all material during examination and scanning, and in return shipping with insurance.

** Photo identification projects are commissioned and billed hourly, beginning at a minimum of ten (10) hours. A retainer payment is required prior to beginning work. All associated costs (i.e. postage, insurance, etc.) are itemized and billed separately.

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