Legend has it--and as with all legends, there is a bit of truth always lingering therein--that way back in the year 1992, two people met in a dark, Gothic-style night club and hit it off famously.

These two fated creatures, let's call them Kevin and Mary, were undeniably drawn to each other through the beauty and power that is art--all types of art: music, painting, sculpture, writing, and all variants thereof. Soon they began to collaborate in music, as this seemed most fitting at the time. A name was needed for this musical endeavor and, lo, Cerebral Bends was birthed from the mind of one and it was good.

It soon came to pass that they were bound to each other--not literally, of course--the result of which is the hyphenated name of Dally-Muenzmaier.

Higher education entered into their world at a later date than some and much to their mutual benefit, as well as many jobs that enabled them to expand their knowledge in the commercial applications of their individual artistic senses. Those experiences, combined with a well-worn habit of self-education, brought our heroes to a point of realization: Why not start our own company? Why not indeed.

And so in 2003 they founded Cerebral Bends Productions, LLP--the official website of which you are now on.

Please feel free to browse our site. Enjoy!


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